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Global Innovation

Business demands your constant attention. You demand the tools. For years we have been listening. That is what it takes, years of understanding and an unparalleled commitment to develop unrivaled communication software. Global Footprints delivers tools that really work, tools that eliminate passive information sharing barriers.

It begins with User-Centered Design (UCD), providing first time users with a predictable experience. Logical user interfaces and anticipated functionality. Time tested information sharing principles. Then culminate development with what is recurrently missing from collaborative services, mobile flexibility and information security.

Global Footprints - a new paradigm in enterprise-level social-networking.

Global Collaboration

Acclypso. Our flagship product.

Enterprise-level collaboration through an advanced yet predictable suite of cooperative web-based tools:

Acclypso - Business (coming Fall 2009)

Global Security

Your information is our priority.

Global Footprints is managed with a fundamental principle, Information Security. With over 25 years combined experience developing applications for proprietary commercial needs and the Department of Defense, we remain committed to meet or exceed strict guidelines for build and communication.

To help safeguard your information, we offer flexible variable-level support. All our products and services are engineered to meet or exceed an Organizations technical security concerns.

What does all that mean? It means you have options. Entrust us to manage and secure your information or maintain it yourself.

Global Mobile

The World is your office.

Most collaborative development is built with four walls in mind, your office. Global Footprints initiative is different. The World is your office and todays professionals are more productive than ever - provided they remain informed.

Through the increasing popularity of mobile (Smart) technology and a growing familiarity, Global Footprints is more successful than ever at keeping people informed. Our commitment to the mobile revolution, a strict development discipline and multiple partnerships ensures you are connected.

So now, whether you are at a board meeting in New York or a made up conference in Vegas, your office is by your side.

Who is GFP?

We are an excitable group of corporate-level techno geeks, locked away long enough to learn recurring business communication needs and the advanced technologies to satisfy them.

Tired of failed initiatives to meet business communication demands, we started Global Footprints with one goal. "Keeping people connected with tools that really work."


Talented and ambitious? We want you!

Currently hiring designers and programmers.

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